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  How to Grow Water Lotus Seed    Page 1 | Page 2 |



Water Temperature

Growing water lotus from seed is easier than you might think. Water lotus seed should be started in the late springtime when the water temperature is at least 70 F warm.

  STEP 1  Where to Buy Seeds
Water Lotus seeds can be purchased on eBay.  If you purchase on eBay be sure to purchase from a seller inside the United States. 
 American seeds have a higher germination rate.  Most eBay seeds come from Singapore, Thailand, Taiwan, and Hong Kong.  From my experience, half of these seeds end up being duds.  I call them "floaters" because that's all they do... float and then rot.


Buy American
It is possible to get FREE WATER LOTUS SEEDS from the Garden Web online.  All you need to do is pay for shipping.  Make sure your seller is actually a water gardener with American grown seeds. I say this, because seeds from Asia have been on the shelf for an extended period of time and their germination rate is low.  Also, there is a good chance that although your seller might be from the United States that he/she could have purchased imported seeds.   I purchase my seeds from Karen at Wuv'n Acres.  She is friendly, knowledgeable, and very reliable too.

What to look for when shopping for water lotus seeds

  1.  Look for the lotus "crown" in the picture if possible. This will let you know if the seller knows the difference between a water lily and a water lotus. (see pic on left)

 2.  If picture has a flower and leaves floating on the water surface then it is NOT a water lotus plant. It is a water "lily" plant.  If the picture does not appear to be a lotus but a lily plant instead, then the seller does not know his/her plants and probably buys in bulk from Asia.

 3.  If the ad states that you will receive 100 seeds for a low dollar amount, then it is NOT water lotus seeds.

 STEP 2  Preparing your Water Lotus Seeds
 The weather and water temperature is warm and you are ready to plant your water lotus seeds. The first thing you will need to do is to scar your seeds.  This involves filing off the pointy tip of the seeds down just 1 layer.  I use a large 12" metal file - which seems to work best and is the easiest method. Scarifying the lotus seed is important, because the seed will not grow otherwise and will possibly rot.  After the seed has been scarred, soak the seed in a tall container of water - such as an empty clean plastic soda bottle.  Change the water daily until you are ready to plant your water lotus sprout.

     NOTE:  Seeds that float usually (but not always)... usually do not produce.  If your water lotus seed floats, try filing it down a little more until you see a tiny bit of white coloration. That is the meat of the seed and will not hurt the seed if it is slightly nicked. Also, smaller seeds often float and also will not produce.


  STEP 3  Day 1 to 3
After the first day of soaking your water lotus seed, it can swell to almost twice the size and resemble a black olive.

  STEP 4  Day 4 to 5
On Day 4-5 you should see some green growth sprouting from your water lotus seeds! Continue to change out the water each day, but be careful as to not disturb the growth.  Continue the process until your seedling is about 6 inches long
  STEP 5  Day 12
Pick a Pot: A no-holes 3-5 gallon lily pot is the best choice. You can also use a black 3-5 gallon bucket. Black is important, because it helps to retain heat and helps to keep the seedlings warm.



STEP 6-9

Buy American Water Lotus Seeds

Seeds from Asia only have a 50% germination rate.  Buy American and receive a much higher quality seed and germination level.  I purchase my seeds from Karen at Wuv'n Acres.  She is friendly and reliable. Tell her Gail sent you!