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March 2015        
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  Tropical Waterlily
Tropical Water Lily
Bloomin BogA Community of Ponders
The Pond Plant Girl is a community of water gardeners and ponders.  It is a place to share pond plants, ideas, and water gardening wisdom and experiences.  Join us on Facebook or explore our many Videos.  From season to season, be a part of the ever changing and wonderful wo
rld of water gardening with The Pond Plant Girl!
Be Prepared for Spring & Order Now!
Spring is around the corner and the best time to order now.  There is a big demand for water lily and water lotus.  Ordering now guarantees your plants will be delivered as soon as you are ready to plant.  Keep in mind that early season lotus and water lily have very few leaves and stems.   However,  shipping water lily and water lotus while they are somewhat  dormant is the best and healthiest way to ship the plants.   Other plants such as  frogbit and  fairy moss should also be shipped  early in the season, because they too do not ship well when the weather is hot.

Wanvisa Water Lily Wanvisa Hardy Water Lily
Strikingly variegated flower of orangy pink, finely striated and speckled with yellow. It has salmon-pink petals streaked with white/cream, variegation never before seen in a hardy waterlily.

Wanvisa is described as a good bloomer with pads heavily speckled with deep bronze and bright green. Its vigorous and compact growth habits make it a good choice for most water gardens. Wanvisa was winner of the 2010 IWGS Best New Water Lily of the Year award and also winner of their Collector’s Aquatic Plants of the Year for 2011.

The Wanvisa Hardy Lily can be planted in depths 12-15" over the crown and prefers 6-8 hours of direct sunlight.

Red Attraction
Hardy Water Lily
Florikan Nutricote Professional Grade Aquatic Pond Plant Fertilizer 13-13-13
Water Lotus
Baby Doll Red Water Lily
Mini Water Gardens

CanadaBuy Pond Plants in Canada
Meet  Jeremy Pater.   He is the sales manager for Bloomin Bog Water Gardens in Ilderton, Ontario. At Bloomin Bog, they have a large supply of water lotus and over 53 varieties of water lotus and water lily plants.  They also have goldfish, koi, and snails, and pond hardware too (such as air pumps and pond liners).
 2 Facebook Groups for You!
Frog NationFROG NATION Saving the Planet One Frog at A Time Frog Nation is my fun Facebook group that is all about frogs, frog care, and frog factoids. Learn about frogs all over the planet and in your backyard too.  Post your own frog pics and have fun!  Afterall, "You'll miss the best things if you keep your eyes shut."  Dr. Suess
Aztec ArrowheadPIC ACADEMY  Learn how to take and edit awesome garden and nature pics.  Post your photo creations, ask for help with your pictures, and learn how to transform ordinary pictures into excellent pics!  Free and easy photo editing online computer programs are used to edit images, as well as cell phone APs. 

Everyone now has room for a water lily pond.  The Helvola Mini Water Lily is a vigorous bloomer all season long and grows like crazy in my own personal kiddy pool pond.  Grows light yellow flowers and and small mottled leaves that range in color from green to burgundy. Grows well in small container ponds and wine barrels too.  Smaller spaces will need plant grooming throughout the season.  Grows best in 12" to 15" inch deep water.  Provides excellent shade coverage for algae control.  Shipped bare root.  This is a small rooted plant, but grows and establishes very quickly with good care.  Very Hardy to Z3.  $19.95 

Other plants available for a mini gardens are: 
Frogbit, Mini Water Lettuce, Fairy Moss, Salvinia, Parrot Feather, Water Snowflake, and Water Poppy

    Pond Plant Care
Water Mint
Does Your Pond Stink???
A stinky pond is not necessarily a bad thing and can be a sign that leaves and old plants are decaying under the water.  This decay is good for new plant growth.  Stinky ponds are common in ponds that do not have a water filtration system. This can be remedied by growing various floating plants, lily-like plants, and fragrant plants such as water mint. 

You Can Grow Water Lotus from Seed
Growing water lotus from seed is easy in nearly any climate. Before buying lotus seed keep these facts in mind:
1. Lotus takes 2 to 3 years to mature before producing flowers
2. Most sellers do not know the difference between a lotus flower and seed and a lily flower and seed.  So know your seller! 
3. There is no such thing as a black or blue water lotus flower.  Black and Blue lotus are PhotoShopped.
4. Lotus seed often does not stay true to its mother plant. Seeds often revert back to its origin; creamy white or pink.
5. Seed should be started late spring and early fall   

Souix Water Lily Do Not Buy Water Lily Seeds
If you are just getting started with water lilies, I highly recommend that you DO NOT purchase water lily from seed.  Seeds are the most difficult way to grow a lily garden.  Even if you are an experienced water gardener, growing from seed proves unsuccessful.  Most times seeds are not fertilized and will not grow or bloom. It is best to purchase water lily roots and then divide the roots after they grow large enough to propagate new plants.  Search Youtube for "How to Pot Water Lily" for video instruction.  Also see my article and video about planting and care.

Night Blooming Shade Lily Night Blooming Water Lily
Night blooming water lily are have beautiful fragrant flowers that bloom all night long and into the morning hours.  Will also boom on cloudy overcast days.  All tropical water lily grows well in climate zones 9-11.  In climate zones 9 and below it is best to remove the lily from the pond (after dormant) and place in cool storage safe from freezing weather.  Tropicals may also remain in-pond if kept in a heated lily pot.  All potted lilies (hardy and tropical) should be divided and repotted once per year to prevent overcrowding to prevent plants from becoming root bound.

Water Poppy Beginning Pond Plants Keep Water Clean & Clear
Easy beginner pond plants include: floating water hyacinth, floating water lettuce, pennywort, parrot feather, water iris, and primrose creeper. The featured pic on the left is water poppy which is also easy to grow. It also winters over very well.  Water poppy is planted in shallow water.  It produces runners throughout the growing season and grows across the water surface.  Blooms well in full sun and offers the shade needed for fish protection and algae control.

Water PoppyFloating pond plants oxygenate and clarify the water
All the ponds at The Pond Plant Girl nursery have no filtration systems and only use floating plants to keep the water clean and clear.  This method works well for ponds up to 200 gallons.  Also keep in mind that it takes 1 to 2 seasons for a brand new pond to have a balanced ecosystem with no algae.  This can also be accomplished by adding good bacteria to the water once per week.

Too much hot direct sun causes algae bloom
Two things you can do to control algae bloom other than a deep cleaning is to drain half the pond water twice per year. If algae is a constant problem, hanging a nursery shade cloth to filter to cool the summer heat will also make a huge difference. Shade cloth purchased at the hardware store provides too much shade and is usually rated at 75% shade. Nursery shade cloth that will allow the right amount of sun for plant growth (about 25% shade) can be purchased online. I like to use The Greenhouse Megastore.

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